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How much money makes Steve Mcqueen? Net worth

Steve Mcqueen Net Worth

Steve Mcqueen made money by Actors niche. For all time, at the moment, 2021 year, Steve Mcqueen earned $30 Million. Exact sum is $30900000.


Short biography, height, weight, dates:

Birth date: March 24, 1930, Beech Grove, Indiana, United States
Death date: November 7, 1980, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Birth place: Beech Grove
Height:5 ft 9 in (1.77 m)
Profession: Actor, Film Producer
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Barbara Minty (m. 1980Р 1980), Ali MacGraw (m. 1973Р 1978), Neile Adams (m. 1956Р 1972)
Children: Chad McQueen, Terry McQueen


Steve Mcqueen Net Worth
Steve Mcqueen Net Worth


Wikipedia Source: Steve Mcqueen
Terence Steven Steve McQueen was an American actor. Called The King of Cool, his anti-hero persona, developed at the height of the counterculture of the 1960s, made him a top box-office draw of the 1960s and 1970s. McQueen received an Academy Award nomination for his role in The Sand Pebbles. His other popular films include The Cincinnati Kid, The Thomas Crown Affair, Bullitt, The Getaway, and Papillon, as well as the all-star ensemble films The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape, and The Towering Inferno. In 1974, he became the highest-paid movie star in the world, although he did not act in films again for four years. McQueen was combative with directors and producers, but his popularity placed him in high demand and enabled him to command large salaries.