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Madame Chiang Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight

Madame Chiang Net Worth

Madame Chiang made money by Actors niche. For all time, at the moment, 2021 year, Madame Chiang earned $28 Million. Exact sum is $28000000.


Short biography, height, weight, dates:

Birth date: March 5, 1898, Hongkou District, Shanghai, China
Death date: October 23, 2003, New York City, New York, United States
Birth place: Wen-chang, Kwangtung Province, China
Profession: Actress
Spouse: Chiang Kai-shek (m. 1927Р 1975)
Children: Chiang Wei-kuo
Parents: Charlie Soong, Ni Kwei-tseng
Siblings: Soong Ching-ling, Soong Ai-ling, T. V. Soong


Madame Chiang Net Worth
Madame Chiang Net Worth


Wikipedia Source: Madame Chiang
Soong Mei-ling or Soong May-ling, also known as Madame Chiang Kai-shek or Madame Chiang, was a First Lady of the Republic of China, the wife of Generalissimo and President Chiang Kai-shek. Soong played a prominent role in the politics of the Republic of China and was the sister-in-law of Sun Yat-sen, the founder and the leader of the Republic of China. She was active in the civic life of her country and held many honorary and active positions, including chairman of Fu Jen Catholic University. During the Second Sino-Japanese War she rallied her people against the Japanese invasion and in 1942 conducted a speaking tour of the United States to gain support. She was also the youngest and the last surviving of the three Soong sisters, and the only first lady during World War II who lived into the 21st century. Her life extended into three centuries.