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Jonah Peretti Net Worth – Short bio, age, height, weight

Jonah Peretti Net Worth

Jonah Peretti made money by Business niche. For all time, at the moment, 2021 year, Jonah Peretti earned $100 Million. Exact sum is $103000000.


Short biography, height, weight, dates:

Birth date: January 1, 1974
Profession: Entrepreneur
Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Andrea Harner
Siblings: Chelsea Peretti


Jonah Peretti Net Worth
Jonah Peretti Net Worth


Wikipedia Source: Jonah Peretti
Jonah Peretti is an American Internet entrepreneur, a founder of BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post, and developer of reblogging under the project Reblog. Perettis father is Italian-American and his mother is Jewish. His stepmother was African-American. He attended the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he graduated with a degree in environmental studies in 1996. He taught computer science classes at Isidore Newman School in New Orleans, Louisiana in the mid-1990s. He completed a postgrad at the MIT Media Lab. While there, he became famous when an email exchange with Nike over a request to print sweatshop on custom order shoes went viral. He is the brother of comedian and writer Chelsea Peretti and married to blogger Andrea Harner.