Galeazzo Ciano Net Worth: Age, Height, Weight, Bio

Galeazzo Ciano Net Worth

Galeazzo Ciano made money by Producers niche. For all time, at the moment, 2023 year, Galeazzo Ciano earned $35 Million. Exact sum is $35000000.


Short biography, height, weight, dates:

Birth date: March 18, 1903, Livorno, Italy
Death date: January 11, 1944, Verona, Italy
Birth place: Livorno, Italy
Spouse: Edda Mussolini (m. 1930Р 1944)
Children: Fabrizio Ciano, Marzio Ciano, Raimonda Ciano
Parents: Costanzo Ciano, Carolina Pini
Books: The Ciano diaries, 1939-1943, Journal


Galeazzo Ciano Net Worth
Galeazzo Ciano Net Worth


Wikipedia Source: Galeazzo Ciano
Gian Galeazzo Ciano, 2nd Count of Cortellazzo and Buccari was Foreign Minister of Fascist Italy from 1936 until 1943 and Benito Mussolinis son-in-law. On 11 January 1944, Count Ciano was shot by firing squad at the behest of his father-in-law, Mussolini, under pressure from Nazi Germany. Ciano wrote and left behind a diary that has been used as a source by several historians, including William Shirer in his The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich and in the 4-hour HBO documentary-drama Mussolini and I.

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