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Obama VS Putin

obama vs putin

Today, We would like to compare the most strong politicians in the world. Barack Hussein Obama II and Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Of course, this little table can not be a full true comparison. Real true comparison will be begin from their acts. Or don’t make moves.

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The Richest Man in the World – 2021 Edition

As like past years, the riches main in the world is BIll Gates. Owner and the main person of Microsoft. We have a singlepost about it here. But we need provide more information about this great person. https://heightweighnetworth.com/bill-gates/ *Approximately Bill Gates’ Net worth is  about $86 billion.     Source …

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The Richest Woman on the Earth

As you know recently we think that is a Womain is a weaker sex. That only Men can achieve significant goals. For sample makes money, be a politician. But nowadays the Game was changed. We like to present you the Richest Womain in our World – Liliane Bettencourt. It’s old …

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Instagram Riches. Russian Edition.

In future we will add a new category that will named Instagram Riches. Where we will collect Instagram profiles of richest people in the world. Today, we share one of them. Yusuf Alekperov is The only son of co-owner of Lukoil Vagit Alekperov. He loves fast cars.   He loves …

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