Bret Easton Ellis Net Worth

Bret Easton Ellis Net Worth

Bret Easton Ellis made money by Authors niche. For all time, at the moment, 2024 year, Bret Easton Ellis earned $200 Thousand. Exact sum is $206000.


Short biography, height, weight, dates:

Birth date: March 7, 1964
Birth place: Los Angeles, California, United States
Height:5 ft 11 in (1.82 m)
Profession: Novelist, Screenwriter, Author, Film Producer, Writer
Education: Bennington College
Nationality: United States of America
Parents: Dale Ellis (Dennis), Robert Ellis
Movies: The Canyons, American Psycho, The Rules of Attraction
TV shows: The Follower


Bret Easton Ellis Net Worth
Bret Easton Ellis Net Worth


Wikipedia Source: Bret Easton Ellis
Bret Easton Ellis is an American novelist, screenwriter, and short story writer. His works have been translated into 27 languages. He was at first regarded as one of the so-called literary Brat Pack, which also included Tama Janowitz and Jay McInerney. He is a self-proclaimed satirist, whose trademark technique, as a writer, is the expression of extreme acts and opinions in an affectless style. Ellis employs a technique of linking novels with common, recurring characters. Though Ellis made his debut at 21 with the controversial 1985 bestseller Less Than Zero, a zeitgeist novel about wealthy amoral young people in Los Angeles, the work he is most known for is his third novel, 1991s American Psycho. On its release, the literary establishment widely condemned the novel as overly violent and misogynistic. Though many petitions to ban the book saw Ellis dropped by Simon & Schuster, the resounding controversy convinced Alfred A. Knopf to release it as a paperback later that year. Four of Elliss works have been made into films. Less Than Zero was rapidly adapted for screen, leading to the release of a starkly different Less Than Zero film in 1987.

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