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Steve Brudniak Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight

Steve Brudniak Net Worth

Steve Brudniak made money by Actors niche. For all time, at the moment, 2018 year, Steve Brudniak earned $37 Million. Exact sum is $37000000.


Short biography, height, weight, dates:

Birth date: April 9, 1961
Birth place: Topeka, Kansas, United States
Profession: Actor, Director, Producer
Movies: Waking Life


Steve Brudniak Net Worth
Steve Brudniak Net Worth


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Steve Brudniak is an American artist known for highly crafted and unusual assemblage sculpture. His art incorporates, often pioneering, unconventional media and scientific elements such as high voltage electricity, Tesla coil technology, magnetic ferrofluid, gyro mechanics, biological preservations, fiber optics, and lasers. Brudniak incorporates disparate found objects in the construction of his art, however the finished pieces do not resemble collage. His assemblages generally give the appearance of being functional machines or ritualistic objects that are indivisibly of a piece, albeit of indiscernible origin and purpose. Spirituality, psychology, and biology are common themes in his work. In 2008 his Astrogeneris Mementos became the first assemblage sculptures in outer space, taken aboard the International Space Station by entrepreneur and astronaut Richard Garriott. Brudniak spent his elementary and high school years in Houston, Texas. His earliest outlets for artistic expression included writing, acting, music and film projects.