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Roscoe Dash Net Worth

Roscoe Dash Net Worth

Roscoe Dash made money by Rappers niche. For all time, at the moment, 2018 year, Roscoe Dash earned $4 Million. Exact sum is $4120000.


Short biography, height, weight, dates:

Birth date: April 2, 1990
Birth place: Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
Profession: Singer, Rapper
Nationality: United States of America
Awards: BET Hip Hop Award for Best Club Banger
Record labels: Interscope Records, Zone 4, Geffen Records
Albums: J.U.I.C.E., Ready Set Go!


Roscoe Dash Net Worth
Roscoe Dash Net Worth


Wikipedia Source: Roscoe Dash
Jeffery Lee Johnson Jr.,, better known by his stage names Roscoe Dash and Roscoe Dash 2.0, is an American rapper and singer from Atlanta, Georgia. Johnson started composing rap lyrics at the age of 12, after his older brother introduced him into the world of hip-hop. In high school, he and his brother put together a rap group that consisted of four young men who went by the name of Black Out Boiz aka B.O.B., where his original stage name ATL came into play & also where his eccentric use of the Mohawk hairstyle became his signature trend at the time. Though the group had been receiving positive notoriety, ATL would eventually leave The B.O.B. & get started in his pursuit of solo projects. He continued recording in his basement and making mixtapes to network himself, & this hard work led Johnson to come across his cousin, Torrey YT Hood, who happened to be a sponsor of a local rap group who called themselves Travis Porter. Johnson soon recognized that he had to create a new identity other than Shadowfade to restart his music career, & be acknowledged for his own musical work. He Googled names of comic book heroes, and came across the name Roscoe Dash. Johnson says, I needed something more marketable. I felt Shadowfade would have given my secret identity away. Plus it put me in that box of an Atlanta rapper so I needed something that would catch the ears and eyes of whoever was listening or reading the name Roscoe Dash and make them want to do research on Roscoe Dash. Roscoe Dash released a song All the Way Turnt Up featuring Travis Porter and they released it on their mixtape Im a Differenter 2. Dash was only credited as a featured artist. According to Travis Porter, this was just a mistake. He then met local entrepreneur LA da Boomman in 2009, who then signed him to his production company, Making Moves Inc.. Dash then later agreed deals with both Music Line Group, after Boomman introduced Dash to the A&R representative Anthony Tate, and the Interscope Records distributed Zone 4 after Tate and Dash Р™