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Rita Buzzar Net Worth 2016 Update: Bio, Age, Height, Weight

Rita Buzzar Net Worth

Rita Buzzar made money by Producers niche. For all time, at the moment, 2018 year, Rita Buzzar earned $72 Million. Exact sum is $72000000.


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Rita Buzzar Net Worth
Rita Buzzar Net Worth


Wikipedia Source: Rita Buzzar
Rita Buzzar is a screen writer-producer, and director of the film company Nexus Cinema e Video in Brazil. She has a degree in Cinema from the University of Sao Paulo. She has authored television successes such as the mini-series Rosa dos Rumos, the soap opera A Historia de Ana Raio e Ze Trovao and A Queridinha, directed by Walter Avancini, all for the Rede Manchete network. She wrote the screenplays for Lara and Maria dos Prazeres, the latter an international production by Carlo Ponti. She worked with Gabriel Garcia Marquez on the Amores Posibles series, for Spanish television. Her project Luz no Ceu was selected for a screen-writing workshop at the Sundance Institute, in the USA. She has directed many TV documentaries, including Carandiru.doc, about Carandiru Detention Center and the filming of Hector Babencos movie set in the prison. She wrote the film Olga, which she produced in conjunction with Globo Filmes and Lumiere. Olga was seen by over three million viewers and won more than 20 awards in Brazil and internationally. She wrote and produced the film Budapest, based on Chico Buarques homonymous novel, as a Brazilian, Portuguese and Hungarian co-production. Directed by Walter Carvalho, it was released in May 2009. Rita is currently producing the film O Tempo e o Vento, a new undertaking with director Jayme Monjardim, based on the epic work of celebrated Brazilian writer Erico Verissimo. She is also writer and producer of Forgetiminoti and Duetto, a Brazilian-Italian co-production. She is concurrently producing the film Madame Durocher, a French-Brazilian co-production.