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How much money makes Michael Schenker? Net worth

Michael Schenker Net Worth

Michael Schenker made money by Rock Stars niche. For all time, at the moment, 2018 year, Michael Schenker earned $6 Million. Exact sum is $6180000.


Short biography, height, weight, dates:

Birth date: January 10, 1955
Birth place: Sarstedt, Germany
Profession: Guitarist, Songwriter, Record producer, Musician
Nationality: Germany
Siblings: Rudolf Schenker
Music groups: Michael Schenker Group, Scorpions, UFO


Michael Schenker Net Worth
Michael Schenker Net Worth


Wikipedia Source: Michael Schenker
Michael Schenker is a German rock guitarist, best known for his tenure in UFO, in addition to his solo band. Nicknamed the Blonde Bomber, he first rose to fame as an early member of Scorpions, then achieved fame in the mid-1970s as the lead guitar player for UFO. Since leaving UFO in 1978, he has been leading the Michael Schenker Group in various incarnations. He has rejoined UFO three times, producing an album each time. He is the younger brother of Rudolf Schenker, who is still a guitarist with Scorpions. His career has had many ups and downs, partly due to a long history of alcoholism and personal problems- still, Schenker continues to perform and record. He has been called a legendary figure in the history of metal guitar.