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Michael K Bucher Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight

Michael K Bucher Net Worth

Michael K Bucher made money by Directors niche. For all time, at the moment, 2018 year, Michael K Bucher earned $81 Million. Exact sum is $81000000.


Short biography, height, weight, dates:

Birth date: August 18, 1939, Astoria, Illinois, United States
Death date: September 7, 2012, Helena, Montana, United States
Birth place: Astoria, Illinois, USA
Profession: Cinematographer, Camera Department, Miscellaneous Crew
Spouse: Kay Lacy (m. 1989Р 1990), Marilyn Rodabaugh (m. 1962Р 1979)
Children: Michael II Bucher, Natalie Bucher
Parents: Sherman Bucher, Elizabeth Bucher
Movies: The Radicals, False River


Michael K Bucher Net Worth
Michael K Bucher Net Worth


Wikipedia Source: Michael K Bucher
Michael K. Bucher grew up in the little farm community of Astoria, Illinois, USA. At the age of 11 he instantly fell in love with movies. Barely able to see over the back of his theatre seat, he saw the magical and mystical projection beam playing in the air at the Hughes Astoria Colonial Theatre. The beam drew him to its source and by age 14 he became the resident projectionist and worked in that capacity through high school. From the money earned, he bought 8mm camera equipment and started shooting and editing movies, casting his parents Sherman and Elizabeth, younger sister Ann, brother Roger and several friends as actors. The farm where he lived made a perfect backdrop for his 8mm Westerns. He also shot short films documenting each of his four years in high school. Today, these movies are hilarious, showing the real life American Graffiti of the time. As high school graduation approached, he had to make a decision whether to go on to college and attend film school or get practical experience. He had read every book he could find on cinematography and had learned volumes from shooting and editing his own films. Deciding on the practical experience route, he joined the US Air Force and was sent to film school in Orlando, Florida. This involved on the job training and he soon found himself behind a 35mm Mitchell camera. After a year in Orlando, he was assigned to the Air Force Motion Picture Studio at 8935 Wonderland Avenue in Hollywood, California, which was the alma mater of producer/director `John Frankenheimer. Here Michael worked with producer/director Jack Haley, Jr. and others and at 18 years of age was 1st assistant cameraman, working on a sound stage shooting legendary actor James Stewart. Michael learned skills from top technical artists in the Hollywood motion picture community. Filming assignments took him worldwide. The Air Force had a self improvement Р™