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Kathryn Card Net Worth, Biography, Age, Weight, Height

Kathryn Card Net Worth

Kathryn Card made money by Actors niche. For all time, at the moment, 2018 year, Kathryn Card earned $30 Million. Exact sum is $30000000.


Short biography, height, weight, dates:

Birth date: October 4, 1892, Butte, Montana, United States
Death date: March 1, 1964, Costa Mesa, California, United States
Birth place: Butte, Montana, USA
Profession: Actress, Soundtrack
Children: Ada Card
Nominations: TV Land Favorite Classic TV In-Law Award


Kathryn Card Net Worth
Kathryn Card Net Worth


Wikipedia Source: Kathryn Card
Kathryn Card was an American radio, television and film actress who may be best remembered for her role as Mrs. McGillicuddy, Lucys mother on I Love Lucy. Born in Butte, Montana, Card did radio roles in the late 1930s, notably Uncle Walters Doghouse, broadcast on NBC from 1939 to 1942. She played Grandma Barton in The Bartons from December 25, 1939, to September 11, 1942, and played three roles on Just Neighbors May 30-September 23, 1938. In 1943, she was a cast member of Helpmate, a daytime serial on NBC. In the late 1930s, she also was in that networks Story of Mary Marlin. She was also a member of the casts of Girl Alone and The Woman in White.