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Elisabetta Catalano Net Worth

Elisabetta Catalano Net Worth

Elisabetta Catalano made money by Actors niche. For all time, at the moment, 2018 year, Elisabetta Catalano earned $13 Million. Exact sum is $13000000.


Short biography, height, weight, dates:

Birth date: 1944, Rome, Italy
Death date: 2015, Rome, Italy
Birth place: Rome, Lazio, Italy
Profession: Actress
Movies: 8?


Elisabetta Catalano Net Worth
Elisabetta Catalano Net Worth


Wikipedia Source: Elisabetta Catalano
Elisabetta Catalano was an Italian fine-art photographer who specialized in black and white and color portraits. Born in Rome, an autodidact, Catalano started her business by collaborating with various magazines including LEspresso and Vogue. In 1963 she appeared in Federico Fellinis 8&#189-. Her first solo exhibition, Uomini, was held in 1973 at the Il Cortile Gallery in Rome and at the Galleria Milano in Milan and it consisted of portraits of male artists. In 1978 the Boston Polaroid Company commissioned her the exhibition Faces and Facades, consisting in a series of portraits of famous directors on Polaroid sheets. In 1980 she directed a short film about the French painter and photographer J.-H. Lartigue. In the 1980s she held the exhibition People of the French culture at the Carnavalet Museum in Paris, and the photographs were later purchased by the New Museum of Photography in Paris for their permanent collection. In 1992 the Galleria Nazionale dArte Moderna in Rome held a retrospective of her work. Her last exhibition Le Collezioni, Non basta ricordare was staged in 2014 at the MAXXI Museum in Rome.