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Deborah Barnes Net Worth – Short bio, age, height, weight

Deborah Barnes Net Worth

Deborah Barnes made money by Celebrities niche. For all time, at the moment, 2018 year, Deborah Barnes earned $98 Million. Exact sum is $98000000.


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Deborah Barnes Net Worth
Deborah Barnes Net Worth


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Deborah Barnes is a Gosepl recording artist and member of The Barnes Family along with her uncle the late Rev. FC Barnes, cousin Luther Barnes, and sister Wanda Barnes. Deborah Barnes is the daughter of the late Geraldine Barnes and William Mann Barnes. Deborah was brought up in the Red Budd Holy Church under the leadership of the late Rev. FC Barnes. She later joined her cousin Luthers group The Red Budd Gospel Choir as lead female vocalist. With Luther and the choir she recorded Im Still Holding On, giving her much success. Deborah is known worldwide for the hit song. Deborah & mother Geraldine started singing with Rev. FC Barnes forming the group FC Barnes & Company. The group was later joined by Melvin Barnes wife Martha Barnes. The group recorded 3 albums together. After the death of Geraldine Barnes, the group was revamped with Deborah and her sisters Wanda & Lisa Barnes. The new FC Barnes & Company recorded 5 albums together, until the death of the groups lead Rev. FC Barnes in 2011. Deborah,Wanda,Lisa & Debbie Happy Barnes continues performing as the Barnes Sisters. Deborah is currently a member of the Restoration Worship Center under leadership of her cousin Luther Barnes. Deborah continues performing with Luther & members of the Red Budd Gospel Choir as well as performing with The Sunset Jubilaires. In 2005, Deborah released her first solo album The Truth featuring the hit song You Are Somebody on her label Ma Gerald Records. The album featured background vocals from RBGC members. Deborahs most recent project is Colors Of Spring:Volume 1 featuring students of the Dunbar Gospel Choir in Texas.