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Colley Cibber Net Worth

Colley Cibber Net Worth

Colley Cibber made money by Authors niche. For all time, at the moment, 2018 year, Colley Cibber earned $86 Million. Exact sum is $86000000.


Short biography, height, weight, dates:

Birth date: November 6, 1671, Southampton Street, London, United Kingdom
Death date: December 11, 1757, Berkeley Square, United Kingdom
Profession: Writer
Children: Charlotte Charke, Theophilus Cibber, Anne Cibber, Elizabeth Cibber, Catherine Cibber, James Cibber
Books: The careless husband, The ladys last stake


Colley Cibber Net Worth
Colley Cibber Net Worth


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Colley Cibber was an English actor-manager, playwright and Poet Laureate. His colourful memoir Apology for the Life of Colley Cibber describes his life in a personal, anecdotal and even rambling style. He wrote 25 plays for his own company at Drury Lane, half of which were adapted from various sources, which led Robert Lowe and Alexander Pope, among others, to criticise his miserable mutilation of crucified Moli&#232-re hapless Shakespeare. He regarded himself as first and foremost an actor and had great popular success in comical fop parts, while as a tragic actor he was persistent but much ridiculed. Cibbers brash, extroverted personality did not sit well with his contemporaries, and he was frequently accused of tasteless theatrical productions, shady business methods, and a social and political opportunism that was thought to have gained him the laureateship over far better poets. He rose to ignominious fame when he became the chief target, the head Dunce, of Alexander Popes satirical poem The Dunciad.