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How much money makes Claire Chennault? Net worth

Claire Chennault Net Worth

Claire Chennault made money by Producers niche. For all time, at the moment, 2018 year, Claire Chennault earned $10 Million. Exact sum is $10000000.


Short biography, height, weight, dates:

Birth date: September 6, 1893, Commerce, Texas, United States
Death date: July 27, 1958, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Birth place: Commerce, Texas, USA
Spouse: Anna Chennault (m. 1947Р 1958), Nell Thompson (m. 1911Р 1946)
Children: Claire Anna Chennault, Charles Lee Chennault
Parents: John Stonewall Jackson Chennault, Jessie Lee Chennault


Claire Chennault Net Worth
Claire Chennault Net Worth


Wikipedia Source: Claire Chennault
Claire Lee Chennault was an American military aviator best known for his mercenary leadership of the Flying Tigers and the Republic of China Air Force in World War II. Chennault was a fierce advocate of pursuit or fighter-interceptor aircraft during the 1930s when the U.S. Army Air Corps was focused primarily on high-altitude bombardment. Chennault retired from the United States Army in 1937, and went to work as an aviation adviser and trainer in China. Starting in early 1941, Chennault commanded the 1st American Volunteer Group. One mission which never came to fruition was the bombing of Japanese cities- the bombers did not arrive before Pearl Harbor. He headed both the volunteer group and the uniformed U.S. Air Force units that replaced it in 1942. He feuded constantly with General Joseph Stilwell, the U.S. Army commander in China, and helped Chinas leader Chiang Kai-shek to convince President Roosevelt to remove him in 1944. By that time, however, Washington saw China as a backwater in the war.