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Charles Calvert Net Worth, Biography, Age, Weight, Height

Charles Calvert Net Worth

Charles Calvert made money by Directors niche. For all time, at the moment, 2018 year, Charles Calvert earned $43 Million. Exact sum is $43000000.


Short biography, height, weight, dates:

Birth date: August 27, 1637, England, United Kingdom
Death date: February 21, 1715, Kingdom of England
Profession: Director, Actor
Spouse: Margaret Charleton (m. 1712), Mary Darnall
Parents: Cecil Calvert, 2nd Baron Baltimore, Anne Arundell


Charles Calvert Net Worth
Charles Calvert Net Worth


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Charles Calvert, 3rd Baron Baltimore, inherited the colony in 1675 upon the death of his father, Cecil Calvert, 2nd Baron Baltimore,. He had been his fathers Deputy Governor since 1661 when he arrived in the colony at the age of 24. However, Charles left Maryland for England in 1684 and would never return. The events following the Glorious Revolution in England in 1688 would cost Calvert his title to Maryland- in 1689 the royal charter to the colony was withdrawn, leading to direct rule by the British Crown. Calverts political problems were largely caused by his Roman Catholic faith which was at odds with the established Church of England. Calvert married four times, outliving three wives, and had at least two children. He died in England in 1715 at the age of 78, his family fortunes much diminished. With his death he passed his title, and his claim to Maryland, to his second son Benedict Leonard Calvert, 4th Baron Baltimore, his eldest son Cecil having died young. However, Benedict Calvert would outlive his father by just two months, and It would fall to Charles grandson, Charles Calvert, 5th Baron Baltimore,, to see the family proprietorship in Maryland restored by the king.