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Carey Burtt Net Worth, Biography, Age, Weight, Height

Carey Burtt Net Worth

Carey Burtt made money by Authors niche. For all time, at the moment, 2018 year, Carey Burtt earned $62 Million. Exact sum is $62000000.


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Carey Burtt Net Worth
Carey Burtt Net Worth


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Carey Burtt is a filmmaker and musician based in New York City, mainly working in the underground genre. Known for their disturbing humor and dark narratives, the films of Carey Burtt include The Psychotic Odyssey of Richard Chase and The Death of Sex, both featured in the second edition of Jack Sargeants book Deathtripping: The Cinema of Transgression. Psychotic Odyssey is distributed by the cult production company Troma Entertainment in its Best of Tromadance Vol. 1 DVD. It was also featured in Other Cinemas Experiments in Terror video exhibition. Mind Control Made Easy or How to Become a Cult Leader was featured in the 2005 Hell on Reels: Astoria Moving Image Festival and enjoyed audience praise. An instructional film outlining the techniques used by destructive cults, Mind Control was also featured on Supersphere.com where it received an audience award. Fragments from Mind Control have been used by Flying Lotus alter ego Captain Murphy on the album Duality, released in 2012. His films have been shown in several festivals including New York and Chicago Underground and The FanTasia Film Festival. In January 2009 the Boston Underground Film Festival celebrated his work with a retrospective screening event.