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Byron Haskin Net Worth – Short bio, age, height, weight

Byron Haskin Net Worth

Byron Haskin made money by Celebrities niche. For all time, at the moment, 2018 year, Byron Haskin earned $63 Million. Exact sum is $63000000.


Short biography, height, weight, dates:

Birth date: April 22, 1899, Portland, Oregon, United States
Death date: April 16, 1984, Montecito, California, United States
Birth place: Portland, Oregon, USA
Profession: Special Effects, Director, Cinematographer
Awards: Academy Award for Best Technical Achievement, Retro Hugo for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form
Nominations: Academy Award for Best Visual Effects
Books: Byron Haskin


Byron Haskin Net Worth
Byron Haskin Net Worth


Wikipedia Source: Byron Haskin
Byron Conrad Haskin was an American film and television director. He was born in Portland, Oregon. He is remembered today for directing The War of the Worlds, one of many films where he teamed with producer George Pal. In his early career, he was a special effects artist, with a number of credits on Warner Bros. films, eventually becoming the head of the studios special effects department. During his tenure there he earned three Oscar nominations for his effects work, and was even recognized with a Scientific and Technical Award citation for developing a rear-projection system useful in effects photography. In the late 1940s he turned to directing, helming Treasure Island, one of Walt Disneys earliest live-action features. Following The War of the Worlds, he continued his collaboration with George Pal, with The Naked Jungle, Conquest of Space, and The Power. His other significant film is the science fiction adventure Robinson Crusoe on Mars, released in 1964. Haskin also worked as a cinematographer and producer.