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Buju Banton Net Worth: Age, Height, Weight, Bio

Buju Banton Net Worth

Buju Banton made money by Musicians niche. For all time, at the moment, 2018 year, Buju Banton earned $2 Million. Exact sum is $2060000.


Short biography, height, weight, dates:

Birth date: July 15, 1973
Birth place: Kingston, Jamaica
Profession: Singer, Musician, Artist, Music artist
Nationality: Jamaica
Children: Jahleel Myrie, Jahazeil Myrie, Jodian Myrie, Mark Myrie, Shadai Myrie
Movies: Fully Loaded Jamaica, Sting 2002


Buju Banton Net Worth
Buju Banton Net Worth


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Buju Banton is a Jamaican dancehall, ragga, and reggae musician. Banton has recorded pop and dance songs, as well as songs dealing with sociopolitical topics. He released early dancehall singles in 1991, but came to prominence in 1992 with two albums, including Mr. Mention, which became the best-selling album in Jamaican history upon its release. Banton signed with major label Mercury Records and released Voice of Jamaica the following year. By the mid-1990s, Banton had converted to the Rastafari faith, and his music undertook a more spiritual tone. His 2010 album Before the Dawn won Best Reggae Album at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards.