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Acquanetta Net Worth

Acquanetta Net Worth

Acquanetta made money by Actors niche. For all time, at the moment, 2018 year, Acquanetta earned $92 Million. Exact sum is $92000000.


Short biography, height, weight, dates:

Birth date: July 17, 1921, Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States
Death date: August 16, 2004, Ahwatukee, Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Birth place: Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA
Height:5 7 (1.7 m)
Profession: Actress
Spouse: Henry Clive (m. 1950), Jack Ross
Children: Lance Ross, Rex Ross, Jack Ross Jr., tom Ross
Siblings: Horace Davenport


Acquanetta Net Worth
Acquanetta Net Worth


Wikipedia Source: Acquanetta
Acquanetta, nicknamed The Venezuelan Volcano, was a B-movie actress known for her exotic beauty. The facts of Acquanettas origins are not known beyond doubt. Although accounts differ, Acquanetta claimed she was born Burnu Acquanetta, meaning РўBurning Fire/Deep WaterРЈ, in Ozone, Wyoming. Orphaned from her Arapaho parents when she was two, she lived briefly with another family before being taken in by an artistic couple with whom she remained until she made the choice to live independently at the age of fifteen. Other accounts suggest her ethnicity was African American- her career was followed closely by the African American press.